Pramukh IME for Punjabi Typing – Gurumukhi Typing

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Hello and welcome all. Today we are going to provide one of the best Punjabi Typing software Which is pramukh IME for Punjabi typing. i.e for typing in gurumukhi.

Pramukh IME is really simple lite version of unicode typing on computer. You can use it any where, any time without installing it. Its simple and easy to use.

Steps to Use Pramukh IME.

1. Download Pramukh IME

2. Unzip Pramukh IME on desktop or any folder you want.

3. Now Click on PramukhIME.exe and start it. You will see PramukhIME Icon in System Tray.

4. When you click on the PramukhIME icon, you will see the following menu. Select Gurmukhi from list.

Pramukh IME options punjabi typing

5. Now open your favorite word processor and start typing in your own Punjabi language.

If you can’t see Punjabi unicode fonts then read PramukhIME.chm help file. Where you will get detail documentations.

This is keyboard layout of pramukh IME.

gurmukhi typing - punjabi typing

We hope you will enjoy this great software.

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